Why Tax Preparers Should Participate in IRS AFSP

The Importance of IRS AFSP Participation for Tax Preparers

Time is running out for tax preparers who wish to participate in the IRS Annual Filing Season Program (AFSP) and earn a Record of Completion.

The IRS has set a Dec. 31 deadline to earn the credential. It’s not a deadline any professional tax preparer wants to miss.

Fortunately, getting that IRS credential is only 15 to 18 hours of coursework away.

My Tax Preparers Online (MTCO) offers IRS-approved, video-based courses that allow tax preparers to quickly do the coursework needed to earn the IRS AFSP Record of Completion. In addition to IRS approval, MTCO has a Triple-A rating from the Better Business Bureau and offers a 30-day money back guarantee on the courses.

So why make the effort? Because earning a Record of Completion from the IRS provides many advantages. Taken together, they can lift a tax preparer’s business to a new level.

Free Marketing For Your Business

After completing the coursework and earning the Record of Completion, tax preparers join elite company in the IRS “Directory of Federal Tax Preparers” as credentialed professionals. There’s no better way to directly reach potential clients.

The directory is marketed to the public. It also includes a searchable database with a tax preparer’s credentials. Potential clients can find a tax preparer through searches by city, state or zip code.

Marketing Yourself

Another advantage is marketing your services as being an IRS-credentialed tax preparer. In whatever material you have, from websites to business cards, an added line that includes a mention and link to your listing on the IRS site gives clients extra confidence in your expertise.

Representing Clients

Without achieving a Record of Completion, tax preparers cannot represent clients. Those with the designation can represent clients with IRS employees, including revenue agents, customers service representatives and the Taxpayer Advocate Service. That’s an extra service to offer clients.

A Cut Above The Rest

More than 400,000 tax preparers choose not to earn an IRS AFSP Record of Completion. That blocks them from the benefits listed above. It also signals they did not make the effort to earn a credential that means they have taken the most up-to-date refresher course for tax preparers. Earning a Record of Completion sets a tax preparer apart – and above – the crowd.

Or to put it another way: If you were a potential client, wouldn’t you want a tax preparer credentialed by the IRS and educated with the latest industry information? That’s ultimately the best advantage of earning a Record of Completion.

While time is running short, it’s not difficult to earn your Record of Completion. Simply order the MTCO courses and set aside a small amount of time to complete the classes before the end of the month.

There’s everything to gain and nothing to lose.