Changes for the 2015 Filling Season

A lot changes in a year, especially in the tax industry where codes are updated and news laws are passed every year.

As a tax preparer you have to stay up on the latest changes to provide your clients with this critical information during filing season. Now you can stay up on all the latest changes by participating in the Annual Filing Season Program.

The Annual Filing Season Program is an IRS effort to recognize un-enrolled preparers who aspire to a higher degree of professionalism. In addition to receiving all the latest updates you receive many other benefits that will help you stand out as a professional tax return preparer.

After you complete the program you will be placed into a Directory of Federal Tax Return Preparers with Credentials and Select Qualifications showing you are current and up to date for the upcoming filing season.

This serves as a great source of advertising and an easy way to obtain new business as well as advertise your advanced qualifications.

In additional to the directory you will also be able to use the Annual Filing Season Program as a designation that you can put on your letterhead, email signatures, business cards and marketing materials. Additionally you will also receive a record of completion directly from the IRS that you can display in your office, this will let clients know that you are fully up to date for the upcoming filing season.

The best part is My Tax Courses Online has and a great way to complete the program. We designed the course in easy to watch HD Video so you do not have to read long and boring text based courses or take the time to travel to expensive seminars. Just point, click and play. It’s that easy.

The course is also mobile compatible so you can complete the course on your smart phone or tablet and we didn’t get just anyone to present the course, our Annual Filing Season Program is presented by CPA and attorney Dr. Bart Basi, a highly recognized and award winning presenter who has been featured on CNN.

So what are you waiting for, get all the latest tax code updates you need for the upcoming filing season and all the benefits from the Annual Filing Season Program with My Tax Courses Online. Call 1-800-605-3538 to speak with an Annual Filing Season Program specialist.