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This unlimited access package contains our intire library of courses for your continuing education requirements.  You will get access to more than 34 hours of online HD video courses featuring Dr. Bart Basi along with several other renowned tax professionals.

Courses cluded in this package:
The 1040 and Critical Forms and Schedules (4 Hours)
Ethics Circular 230: What you Need to Know (2 Hours)

Cancellation of Debit Income (2 Hours)
Employment Tax Update (2 Hours)
How the IRS Detects and Computes Unreported Income (1 Hour)
How to Defend a Client Before IRS Collections and Examination (2 Hours)
International Tax Issues for Individuals (2 Hours)
IRS Practice and Procedure Update (2 Hours)
Payroll Tax Planning and Resolution: Saving the Client Money (2 Hours)
Real Estate Tax (2 Hours)
Tax and Major Immigration Issues of Residents & Nonresident Aliens (2 Hours)
The Client Consult, How to Strategize, Plus Real Estate Tax Strategies, Healthcare and More (6 Hours)
The Internal Revenue Manual (1 Hour)

What is the benefit to me of participating in the Annual Filing Season Program (ASFP)?

  • Your name will be included in the Directory of Federal Tax Return Preparers with Credentials and Select Qualifications that will be available January.
  • You will have limited representation rights for returns you prepare and sign.
  • You will be encouraged to remain current with changing tax laws.
  • You will receive the AFSP – Record of Completion that shows clients and potential clients that you are a well-educated tax preparer who is dedicated to your chosen profession.

What is the deadline to complete the Annual Filing Season Program (ASFP)

The approved continuing education program must be completed within the calander year to qualify for the 2016 filing season.

What is the future of this program?

The Annual Filing Season Program will be an interim step to help taxpayers and encourage education for unenrolled tax return preparers. The IRS continues to pursue legislative authority to mandate a continuing competency program. In the meantime the IRS will administer a uniform voluntary examination in future years in order to ensure basic return preparer competency.

What are the requirements to achieve Annual Filing Season Program Completion?

Completion of courses from an IRS approved required will satisfy the completion. The yearly requirements for 2016 and beyond for Non-Exempt status tax preparers is 18 hours.  Which consists of a 6 hour Annual Federal Tax Refresher (AFTR), 10 hours of federal tax law and 2 hours of ethics.  The yearly requirements 2016 and beyond for Exempt status tax preparers is 15 hours.  Which consists of 10 hours of federal tax law, 3 hours of tax law updates, and 2 hours of ethics

Who may participate in the program?

Anyone with a PTIN is eligible to participate in the program. Enrolled Agents, CPA’s and RTRP’s have an exempt status that will reduce the number of hours required.