LIVE WEBINAR 11/03/2021

How to Navigate the IRS When Problems Arise

Live Webinar

Join us for a LIVE Webinar on 11/03/21 from 1pm-2pm EST.

Join CPA Doug Stives who was once dubbed ‘The Most Tax Efficient Man in America” by the Wall Street Journal as he reviews latest on travel and entertainment deductions. 

Even before the Pandemic the IRS was understaffed and underfunded increasing the difficulty in contacting the IRS, navigating errors, and responding to noticed. Now with in a pandemic world it has become increasingly difficult to deal with the IRS and conduce dispute resolution if necessary.

I this presentation will discuss ways to navigate the IRS and make sure you are operating under the proper ethical standards to reduce any conflict.

Agenda and Objectives:

  • Minimizing exposure to you and your practice
  • How to respectively work with the IRS and use the system to you advantage without taking advantage of the system
  • Understand that you should never pay more for in fees than the tax involved
  • Use engagement letters to avoid conflict and set expectations with the client

This course counts for 1 hour of IRS CE under the category of Federal Tax Law Related Matters.