How to Choose the Best SEO Provider for your Tax Business

How to Choose the Best SEO Provider for your Tax Business

Tips for Choosing the Best SEO Provider for your Tax Business

You already know that search engine optimization (SEO) is key to driving prospective clients to your firm’s website. And, to ensure it’s done correctly, you’ve decided to go the professional route - but how do you pick the right SEO provider for your firm? The selection process can be daunting because it’s not your area of expertise. Nevertheless, you’ve invested in your firm’s online presence and SEO has the power to either expand your reach or hide you on page eight of search results.

The questions you should ask are not too dissimilar from those involved in choosing an undergraduate school. Back then you knew there was a lot riding on your decision, but you didn’t exactly know what to look for. To help you select the best SEO provider for your firm we’ve created the following tips - no admissions interviewed required.

Get the inside scoop on SEO services

Client experience is a central component in selecting an SEO provider. To ensure you know what you can expect from a company, take your research beyond their website. Search the Internet for client reviews and reach out to users for feedback. After all, there’s a reason that college brochure showed polo-wearing students engaged in mind-broadening conversation, instead of the quad littered with red Solo cups. Sometimes you need to do a little digging to get the full picture.

Beware False Promises 

Beware of SEO providers that claim to know Google’s algorithm or promise to remedy your SEO woes in six weeks or less. Similar to assuring your parents that pledging a sorority/fraternity won’t affect your grades, providers that make these claims are simply saying what’s needed to get a ‘yes’. Google’s algorithm changes between 500-600 times a year and given the amount of revenue tied to it, we can safely assume those in the know are few and do not include SEO providers. These changes, combined with an ever-evolving online landscape are also why successful SEO takes time. If you’re in the market for immediate results, consider adding pay-per-click (PPC) advertising to your online marketing strategy.

What’s your major?

For some of us our college short list criteria was simple. On-campus Taco Bell? Done. Others took a more analytical approach – can I double major in finance and accounting? Just as you wouldn’t attend a school for culinary arts if your interest was finance, don’t select an SEO provider that doesn’t specializes in your field. SEO and content are closely linked, so the more accounting knowledge your provider has the better able they are to optimize your content.

What’s the tuition refund deadline?

Don’t forget to check the fine print. Ensure you’re familiar with the provider’s cancellation policy and what it means for your firm specifically.  For example, if the optimized content is “owned” by the SEO provider and your firm loses it, your search engine ranking will suffer. Also, in the event of cancellation be aware of synced content sources, such as your blog and Facebook feed. Remember, if your blog is no longer updated neither is the synced feed.

How about a degree from International Correspondence Schools (ICS)?

Many of us are still haunted by Sally Struthers’ ICS commercials from the early 90’s - “Do you want to make more money? Of course, we all do.” Struthers voice of desperation would then tout a long list of learn-at-home programs practically guaranteed to catapult you into success, like TV/VCR and gun repair. No word on the number of injuries sustained by those majoring in the latter. Obviously, things aren’t always what they seem and ignorance can cost you. In recent years search engine ranking methodologies have become more stringent, but not all SEO providers have updated accordingly. Black hat SEO techniques, such as keyword stuffing and link farming, target search engines rather than a human audience resulting in a poor user experience. At first you may see a jump in your website’s ranking but, just like those who spent time learning TV/VCR repair, you’ll soon learn it wasn’t worth the effort. That’s because search engines base rankings primarily on user experience, and your site will be blacklisted faster than you can request your academic transcript. Remember, like a good education there are no shortcuts to quality SEO.

Just like large universities are a good fit for some and small liberal arts colleges work better for others, there’s an SEO provider for every accounting firm. A little due diligence up front can save you a headache down the road, but remember, it’s always better to transfer than drop out altogether.

To learn more about search engine optimization and common terms used, download our free whitepaper, The Search Engine Optimization Dictionary for Accountants today. 

Article written by Heather Frechette Crowley, Director of Product Marketing at CPA Site Solutions. CPA Site Solutions is a partner with MyTax and helps over 7,500 accountants grow their firm’s through innovative online marketing solutions including website design, search engine optimization, social media management, and pay-per-click advertising. For more information, visit or call (800) 896-4500.