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Why Bookkeeping?

Did you know that according to Inc, Forbes, and Entrepreneur magazines bookkeeping is the #1 most profitable business on the planet and that the average bookkeeping professional brings in rates of $69 to $82 per hour?

The Perfect Compliment

Strengthen your existing tax business with virtual bookkeeping. It’s the perfect way of having a consistent income year-round, a great way to keep existing clients as well as add new ones.

Debunking 3 Myths

It's Much Easier To Get Started Than You Think
Why Bookkeeping?

"I will need a special degree or certification..." That's just not true. All you need is some good training and a strong desire to earn more income.

Math Genius

Basic math skills are all it takes. Just some basic addition, subtraction, and division. There is no need for advanced mathematics, such as calculus or statistics.

Can't Do It Part-Time

Wrong. You can choose how busy you want to be. Keep it simple and small with 1-3 clients a month or maybe you want to build a massive business. Either way, you can choose your income and your time.

“I took this course to help me understand more in-depth what needs to be done. I feel like this course has not only answered all the questions I had but answered questions I wouldn't have even thought of before.”

-Jessica Marquez

By The End Of This Course You Will Discover:

  • The Exact Skills Needed To Get Paid Premium Rates
  • The Five W's of Bookkeeping
  • The Top 6 Tips for Good Bookkeeping
  • And Much more

Bookkeeping The #1 Most Profitable Business

According To Forbes
Low-Risk High Reward

Consistent demand for services and a profit margin of 19.8%.

Low Overhead Cost

Bookkeeping is a LOW-COST business to get started. You can start your business for less than $1,000.

Charge What You Want

Virtual bookkeeping has HIGH earning potential and the average bookkeeping professional can bring in rates of $69 to $82 per hour.

“I’m not unfamiliar with some aspects of bookkeeping, but this was an excellent "big picture" view of the topic, with many practical tips and suggestions for daily use as well.

The material is thoughtfully organized and the instructor is clearly very knowledgeable about the subject. I recommend this course and will look for further courses from this instructor.

-Susan P.

Bookkeeping By The Numbers

Small Businesses in America
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-Tia Friedel

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