Two US States Have Tax Day On April 17th?

If you work as a tax preparer for individual clients, the date "April 15" is likely etched into your mind. But are you aware that—for two states—Tax Day 2019 falls on April 17 instead? Read on to learn more about the reasons behind this delayed tax due date for certain Northeasterners and how you can file for an extension if you need one. 

Why an April 17th Tax Day?

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts and the State of Maine both celebrate Patriots Day, which happens to fall on April 15 this year. For Massachusetts and Maine taxpayers, this translates into a one-day due date delay for federal income tax returns, which would make their individual tax returns due on April 16. 

But in Washington, D.C., April 16 of this year marks Emancipation Day— a legal holiday. Because government offices aren't open on Emancipation Day, this provides an additional one-day reprieve on income tax returns for Patriots Day celebrants.

Therefore, for 2019, Maine and Massachusetts income tax returns won't be due on Monday, April 15, but rather on Wednesday, April 17. So long as any taxes due are paid by this date, the taxpayer won't owe any penalties or other tax-related fees. 

Requesting a Due Date Extension

While this April 17th due date may seem fairly minor in the grand scheme of things, for many taxpayers, having an extra couple of days to prepare, complete, and file a tax return can be a major benefit. 

But for those who still aren't quite able to get their return filed (and outstanding taxes paid) by mid-April, obtaining a due date extension is fairly straightforward. So long as you file IRS Form 4868 by your tax due date, you should be able to receive an automatic extension, providing you with an additional six months within which to prepare and submit your taxes.