Advice to Give Clients Going into Tax Season

Advice to Give Clients Going into Tax Season

Everyone wants to pay the least amount of taxes possible, while receiving their return as quickly as possible. But as a tax professional, it’s your job to report your client’s income and assets accurately, while keeping their goals in mind. There is some basic advice to offer all of your clients to simplify and speed up the process as much as possible:

Be Organized and Precise

Recommend that your clients stay organized and keep track of all necessary tax documents, whether they pertain to income, assets, investments, unemployment benefits, health insurance, or tax credits. 

It’s also important that all paperwork is filled out accurately, including the spelling of names, bank account and routing numbers, and social security numbers.

Get Any Questions Answered

Whether your client calls you directly, or prefers to utilize the website, make sure that there are no questions that are overlooked. Questions about each individual’s circumstances will vary significantly and will inevitably affect how they file.

Choose a Reputable Preparer

Tax laws have become increasingly complicated, making the average American weary of preparing their own tax return. But choosing a tax preparer can be daunting; how can you be sure you’re getting your maximum refund? 

CPAs, EAs, and tax attorneys can all prepare returns, but with a hefty price tag attached. Tax return preparers are also a reputable choice, having completed the Annual Filing Season Program and continuing education courses. Make sure that your clients know that you are up to date on all tax laws and procedures.

File Online and Choose Direct Deposit

Paper returns are extremely difficult and time-consuming for the IRS to process, so it’s important that your clients file online if possible. Choosing direct deposit for their return will also speed up the process of receiving their tax refund.

As a tax return preparer, remember that tax season is very stressful not just for you, but for your clients. Stay positive and offer personalized advice based on your client’s specific needs. Happy Filing Season!