Set Yourself Apart From the Competition with the Annual Filing Season Program (AFSP)

In the increasingly competitive market of tax professionals many preparers find themselves struggling to separate themselves from the herd. There is more competition than ever from big corporate agencies and from out of the box do it yourself tax software companies. In today’s competitive tax preparer market you need a competitive advantage. A great way to set yourself apart is to obtain the Annual Filing Season Program designation. The Annual Filing Season Program is an IRS effort to recognize tax preparers who aspire to a higher degree of professionalism. What does that mean to you? It means that you gain an IRS recognized designation by simply completing continuing education courses. Most tax preparers need to complete continuing education anyway to stay up on the latest tax codes and updates so why not also get a recognized credential that you can use to help grow your business in the process? Among the many benefits of this program you will be able use the AFSP designation on letterhead, email signatures, business cards and marketing materials as you advertise your advanced credentials as a professional tax return preparer. Once you complete the program you will be listed in an official IRS directory of Tax Preparers with select qualifications. This can serve as a great resource of free advertising and a great way to demonstrate to potential clients that you are current and up to date for the upcoming filing season. You will also receive a record of completion directly from the IRS that you can display prominently in your office or work area. These features and more will help you stand out in competitive environment so you can grow your tax business.