Grow Your Tax Business With 4 Simple Steps

Grow Your Tax Business With 4 Simple Steps

Trying to grow your tax business? Of course, growing any business is never an “easy” task but we want to break down four methods that can help you build your business in a way that hopefully makes things a little more simple. Tax professionals have used these steps to develop and grow their businesses and we wanted to share them with you.


Send out reminders

Why wait for your previous clients to contact you again? Be assertive and reach out. You can do this by sending personalized emails that enable them to opt-in, sign up for the email list or update their information if they have already signed up; also think about using social media marketing as another way of advertising your services!

Ask for referrals

Don’t overthink this one, just ask! The best way to do this is by thanking your clients for their business and then asking them if they know anyone else who might be interested in what you have to offer. You can even offer them a discount or some sort of incentive to make it beneficial for both parties. Some have even offered a $100 Target gift card for every referral. An easy way to do this is by simply sending an email out to your list.

Be easy to find

Make yourself easy to find on the Internet and in the phone book. You'll want to be sure that your company name ranks high with the search engines. That may take some work with your SEO (search engine optimization) guru. Keep in mind that online search engines like Google, MSN, and Yahoo are some of the first places people go to in order to find information on businesses, products, and services they need.

Get on the radar

Get people's attention by advertising locally. Use the local newspaper, yellow pages, and even fliers to create a buzz. For a win-win situation, you can even partner up with local businesses in the area. You'll both benefit from each other's referrals and you’ll both be happy. For example, a local pizza restaurant nearby could refer their customers to you, and then you’ll give them and their employees a discount on their tax preparation services. Now your customers and clients receive nice discounts on their pizza when you refer your tax clients to the restaurant.

These are just a few general ways to develop and grow your tax business. Keep in mind that it won't happen overnight. You want to do this on a regular basis over an extended period of time. The key is to develop a sense of community and trust with your market. It's not just about gaining more clients and more income, but about gaining more profitable and loyal clients.