Why are thousands of tax preparers participating in the new Annual Filing Season Program?

As a tax preparer you need to stay up on all the latest changes and updates that happen every year and the Annual FilingSeason Program and Annual Federal Tax Refresher Course will make sure have all the latest information.

Another benefit is that you will be placed in public directory of tax preparers with select credentials and qualifications. This serves as great resource for clients to find you and for you to demonstrate that you are current up to date for the upcoming filing season.

Also, you will want to retain representation rights – starting in 2016 preparers who do not participate in the Annual Filing Season Program will not have the ability to represent clients to the IRS for returns they prepare. By participating in the Annual Filing Season Program you will make sure you preserve those representation rights.

You will get a record of completion directly from the IRS to display prominently in your office so clients know right way that you current and up to date for the upcoming filing season.

Completing the program is easy with My Tax Courses Online. Our course is delivered in easy to watch HD Video so you do not have to be frustrated with long and boring text based courses. Just point click and play. It’s that easy. Our course is presented by award winning CPA and attorney Dr. Bart Basi who is a highly recognized tax industry expert who has recently been featured on CNN.

Once you complete the course the IRS is notified of your completion so you can start enjoying all the benefits of the Annual Filing Season Program.

Call us today at 1-800-605-3538 to speak to Annual Filing Season Program specialist and find out why thousands of tax preparers just like you have already chosen to participate in the Annual Filing Season Program.