Not Too Late To Complete 2012 Hours for Tax Preparers

If you are one of the tax preparers who missed the December 31st deadline to complete the 15 hours of continuing education for 2012 you still have the opportunity to complete the hours in 2013.

The IRS recently announced that tax professionals can make up missing credits from 2012 in 2013. That is good news for any tax preparer who missed the deadline.

In 2011, the IRS announced that all registered tax return preparers and candidates to complete 15 Hours of IRS Approved CE credits in every year starting in 2012.  (An candidate is an individual who has a provisional PTIN and who is required to pass the competency test by December 31, 2013). And a PTIN number is required for any individual who prepares tax returns for compensation.

My Tax Courses Online provides a 15 hour IRS Approved online video solution for tax preparers who need to complete their 15 hours that includes 2 hours of ethics, 3 hours of tax law updates and 10 hours of general tax preparation.

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