The Art of Procrastination

pro•cras•ti•nate (Verb)

To put off intentionally the doing of something that should be done.

Ah yes, procrastination. Everybody does it. Technology makes it easier than ever to perfect the art of procrastination. The internet and mobile devices make it possible to have the 24/7 ability to complete tasks at any hour at any time of day. I have no idea what I would do if I couldn’t pay bills online and had to put a check in the mail 5-7 days before the bill was actually due.

Likewise, procrastination and continuing education seem to go together. On a recent IRS Conference Call for providers the IRS stated that less than half of all Preparer Tax Identification Numbers (PTIN) have been renewed. No doubt many have put off the renewal because of the new continuing education requirements that require all Registered Tax Return Prepares to complete 15 hours of IRS approved continuing education.

The good news is you are definitely not alone if you still have to complete your continuing education but the end of the year is coming fast.  MyTaxCoursesOnline can you help you beat the deadline by watching clear convenient video anywhere there is an internet connection, including on mobile devices.

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