My Tax Courses Online Offers Best Option To Qualify For IRS Annual Filing Season Program

My Tax Courses Online Offers Best Option To Qualify For IRS Annual Filing Season Program

The Best Pathway for Tax Preparers to Participate in the IRS Annual Filing Season Program

Recently, the IRS notified the more than 435,000 non-credentialed PTIN holders about the benefits of
participating in this year’s Annual Filing Season program. The courses offered by My Tax Courses Online
(MTCO) are among the IRS-approved providers for the Annual Filing Season Program.

The IRS-approved courses from My Tax Courses Online (MTCO) gives return preparers the chance to raise
their business to the next level. The video-based continuing education program allows students to achieve the
15 to 18 hours of education needed to earn an IRS Annual Filing Season Program Record of Completion.

In addition to getting into the public directory, earning a record of completion gives return preparers limited
representation rights, allowing them to represent clients before examination, customer service representatives
and the Taxpayer Advocate Service.

“Earning an IRS record of completion is a big step toward growing a business as a return preparer,” said Derek
Woryn, chief executive officer for MTCO. “We’re excited to offer IRS-approved continuing education
programs that give working professionals knowledge and skills in cutting-edge industry topics, as well as in the
ethics of tax preparation.”

Earning an IRS record of completion puts a return preparer in the “Directory of Federal Tax Preparers with
Credentials and Select Qualifications.” This public, searchable database includes the return preparer’s city,
state, zip code and credentials.

Those wishing to earn an IRS record of completion must finish classes by Dec. 31, 2017.

MTCO offers advantages not found with other continuing education programs. The high-quality courses are
video-based, giving students flexibility to schedule studying around busy professional and personal lives. In
addition to being IRS approved, MTCO has a Triple A-Plus rating from the Better Business Bureau. The
company also offers 30-day money back guarantee – those dissatisfied with the course will receive a full refund.

MTCO offers a free course preview online so students can see what the courses have to offer.