Do you Aspire to a Higher Degree of Professionalism?

Do you Aspire to a Higher Degree of Professionalism?

The AFSP was designed by the IRS just for that purpose. Enrolled Agents and CPA’s have their respective qualifications but previously there was no way to recognize the largest group – the tax preparers. Tax preparers handle a tremendous amount of the countries tax returns and like their CPA and EA counterparts preparers who complete training each year should be recognized.

Launched in 2014, participation has grown each year to over 60,000. There are a number of benefits for participation such as:

  • A record of completion from the IRS that signifies completion of the program that you can display in your office
  • Being included in the IRS Directory of tax professionals with select qualifications
  • Retaining limited representation rights for returns you prepare
  • Staying abreast of new laws and changes under the CARES Act and new laws related to the current stimulus programs 

Participating in the AFSP will set you apart from the vast amount of prepares who do not complete continuing education.

Completing the program requires completion of 15 or 18 hours of continuing education (depending on exemption status) from an IRS Approved Provider like My Tax Courses Online. The majority will fall into the 18 hour category and will also need to take the Annual Federal Tax Refresher (AFTR) course. Which is a great idea anyway because the outline comes directly from the IRS and you’ll be guaranteed to receive the latest information the IRS wants you to have.

The great news is that can complete your continuing education at home at your convenience with an online program. Our courses are in HD Video and delivered by top experts in the field such Dr. Bart Basi, his son Roman Basi and author and tax rock-star Mark Kohler.

For a relatively low cost and time investment you can gain an advantage, set yourself apart, and have recognition as a tax preparer with advanced qualifications.

Continuing education must be completed by December 31st to participate for the 2021 filing season.  Now is the perfect time to get started taking courses for the Annual Filing Season Program.

More information about the Annual Filing Season Program and the requirements to participate can be found here