Basic Bookkeeping Course (4.5 Hours)

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  • As long as you know how to add and subtract (or can use a calculator!), you're ready to begin!


Using simple, easy-to-understand discussion, illustrations, and note sheets, this 4.5-hour course with over 50 video lessons teaches you the basic building blocks of how money is tracked and what that means to your business, clients, or projects.

Everyday examples using common phrases and terms you already know to allow the instructor to teach that "other language" and for you to feel more confident in working with vendors, customers, employees, investors, instructors, and more!

After completing the course, you will feel more confident and knowledgeable on such topics.

  • What is Income, and how do you track it?
  • Which types of Expenses can be claimed by your business
  • The difference between Assets, Liabilities, and Equity
  • The Five W's of Bookkeeping
  • Transactions, The Fundamental Financial Equation, and Charts of Accounts.
  • Accounts Receivables and Accounts Payables
  • Reading Financial Reports
  • Business Odds and Ends such as Mileage Tracking, Credit Terms, Shipping, and Freight, Trade Discounts
  • The Top 10 Mistakes Small Businesses Make
  • The Top 6 Tips for Good Bookkeeping

Who this course is for:

  • This course is designed for business owners who want a better understanding of the basic concepts of bookkeeping and tax prep businesses who want to add virtual bookkeeping to their suite of services.
  • A stronger grasp of these basic concepts helps every area of business, from communicating with their tax advisors to making better decisions for the company and employees; to students learning to communicate with their instructors.