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Pass all four parts of the CPA Exam on your first try!

Our course is comprehensive and contains all of the crucial information you need to be able to pass your CPA exam. We use a combination of tried and true printed material along with the sophisticated technology to prepare you to pass your CPA exam on the first try. We will walk with you to complete your study plan and answer your questions along the way to ensure that you pass the IRS CPA exam quickly and easily. We will support you until you pass all four parts, even across multiple testing seasons. If for any reason you were unable to pass all four exams in one testing season, we will give you free updates so that you can have the most current and up to date information that will be on your exam. Our materials don’t expire. We will be with you all the way.

Follow our Premier Approach to Pass:

The Premier CPA Approach was specifically developed for those seeking to become a Certified Public Accountant. Our strategy will comprehensively cover all the necessary information and present it in a streamlined fashion so that you focus on the most effective information to save you time. This approach has been proven to help you comprehend and retain the material. We suggest you study one part at a time. Each part has its own book which emphasizes the most important exam information and helps streamline your study time.

1. Begin with our all inclusive CPA Study Guides
These printed books contain the study guide necessary for all four parts of the CPA exam. It is here that you will gain all of the basic knowledge pertaining to what appears on the exam and specific areas that are critical to understand. We recommend reading through this study guide one chapter at a time. After you read a chapter, go to the corresponding test bank in your online course.

2. Reinforce the information with CPA Test Banks
After you have read a chapter of the study guide, reinforce the key concepts with a knowledge check. In these test banks you will be shown potential test questions from each chapter. You gain instant feedback on both the correct answer and an explanation. This method will reinforce that you are not just memorizing answers but truly retaining the material.

3. Take the Certified Public Accountant Practice Exam
After you have completed reading all of the chapters and reviewing the test banks for one part of the exam, it is time to test your knowledge by taking a practice simulation of the real exam. This practice CPA test will be timed and graded and is created using the same standards the IRS uses. After taking the exam you can view a report that shows your areas of strength and weakness. You can review the specific areas needing improvement; take an unlimited number of unique practice exams that are randomly generated from each topic as designated by the IRS. When you are able to get an 80% or better on this exam consistently, you know you are ready to take the actual CPA exam.

Here are a few of the amazing features of our technology that help you pass on your first try:

Our course not only helps you learn the content of the CPA Exam, but our practice exams are specifically designed to look and feel like the AICPA exam that you will take. This specialized course enhances your success and eliminates surprises when you go to take the real test. Pass your exam with confidence!