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Our CTEC-approved 2024 20-Hour Continuing Education Package equips tax professionals with essential knowledge and skills to navigate the complexities of the latest tax laws. This course is perfect for those looking to stay ahead in their field, as it provides updated information on federal and California-specific tax regulations, ethical standards, and strategic tax planning for diverse scenarios. Led by experienced tax experts, this course ensures you are well-prepared to tackle the 2024 tax season with confidence and professionalism.

Key Highlights:

  • Ethics (2 Hours): Thorough exploration of Circular 230, detailing tax preparers' ethical conduct governance.
  • Federal Tax Law Updates (3 Hours): Covers critical changes in the 2024 tax code, including tax brackets, credits, deductions, depreciation, and special rules.
  • Federal Tax Law Related Topics (10 Hours): Discusses various topics vital for tax planning, including business entity selection, real estate tax benefits, estate planning, and current hot topics in tax credits and deductions.
  • CTEC California-Specific Courses (5 Hours): Focuses on updates pertinent to California, including state tax conformity, individual and business tax updates, and employment tax essentials.

Learning Objectives:

  • Develop a nuanced understanding of new federal and state tax regulations.
  • Enhance due diligence and ensure competency in tax practices.
  • Strategize effective real estate and estate planning tax solutions.
  • Navigate complex tax situations, including those involving non-filers and IRS disputes.

Course Titles:

  • 2024 Ethics Circular 230 (2 Hours): Intensive review of ethical standards in tax practice.
  • 2024 Federal Tax Law Updates (3 Hours): Mastery of the latest tax law amendments.
  • 2024 My Client Has Not Filed a Tax Return in Years, Now What? (2 Hours): Strategies for handling delinquent filers.
  • 2024 IRS Dispute Resolution & Installment Agreements (2 Hours): Techniques for effectively negotiating and resolving a tax dispute.
  • 2024 Estate and Succession Tax Laws (2 Hours): Planning and navigating estate and succession taxes.
  • 2024 Real Estate Tax Laws and Rental Property Part 1 (2 Hours): Understand tax benefits and strategies for real estate and rental properties.
  • 2024 Real Estate Tax Laws and Rental Property Part 2 (2 Hours): This focuses on home office deductions, depreciation, real estate professional status, comparing the Tax Court Method and IRS Method for rental properties, and more.