2024 Estate & Succession Tax Laws

(2 Credit Hours of Federal Tax Law)

Instant Access

Join us for an engaging continuing education presentation tailored for tax preparers, delving into the intricate landscape of estate planning and succession planning. In this session, we'll explore vital strategies and considerations to optimize financial outcomes for clients, covering topics such as wills, trusts, inheritance laws, and tax implications. Gain invaluable insights to better advise your clients on navigating the complexities of estate planning, ensuring a seamless transition of assets, and securing their financial legacies for generations to come.

Upon completion of this course, the participants will be able to:

  • Guide clients through the intricacies of transferring assets to heirs smoothly and efficiently, considering tax implications and legal requirements.
  • Advise on tax-efficient charitable giving strategies that align with clients' philanthropic goals, maximizing benefits for both donors and charitable organizations.
  • Employ trust structures and asset protection strategies to safeguard wealth against potential risks and creditors' claims.
  • Apply strategies to minimize tax liabilities, including estate, gift, and income taxes, while maximizing assets for beneficiaries.

This course counts for 2 hours of IRS CE under the category of Federal Tax Law Related Matters.

About the Presenter:

Dr. Bart A. Basi, the Senior Advisor at The Center for Financial, Legal & Tax Planning, Inc., is a distinguished attorney and CPA, who also holds a Doctorate in Economics. As a Tax Course Instructor for the Internal Revenue Service’s Annual Filing Season Program, he educates tax preparers nationwide. Licensed in Illinois and New York, and admitted to the United States Supreme Court, Dr. Basi imparts expertise to CPAs and attorneys on financial, legal, and tax matters. Renowned as a sought-after speaker, he addresses audiences on topics including taxes, mergers, acquisitions, succession planning, and valuations for private companies. Additionally, Dr. Basi serves as a trusted advisor, guiding businesses through the complexities of inflation and economic impacts on strategic decision-making for private companies.