2024 Ethics Circular 230

(2 Credit Hours of Ethics)

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This course provides an in-depth exploration of Circular 230, the cornerstone of ethical and compliant tax practice. Presented by Roman A. Basi, an expert in financial, legal, and tax planning, this course covers all aspects of Circular 230, including the duties, restrictions, and sanctions applicable to tax practitioners. Through case studies and practical scenarios, participants will gain the knowledge and skills necessary to practice before the IRS with integrity and professionalism. Key topics include the authority to practice, diligence and accuracy, conflict of interest, and the disciplinary proceedings related to Circular 230 violations.

Deep Dive into Circular 230:

    • Get a comprehensive background review of Circular 230's critical sections, brought to life with brand-new case studies.
    • Uncover the intricacies of conflict of interest, ethical responsibilities, obligations, and penalties in tax practice.
    • Delve into the crucial topics of due diligence and competency, defining what these mean in the context of Circular 230.

Key Learning Objectives:

    • Thoroughly define Circular 230 and grasp its fundamental purpose in tax ethics.
    • Identify and internalize the ethical responsibilities that come with being a tax professional.
    • Navigate the conflict-of-interest rules under Circular 230, ensuring compliant and ethical practice.

This two-credit-hour Ethics course, complete with English and Spanish closed captioning, is a professional commitment to upholding the highest standards in tax compliance and ethics.