2024 Ethics Circular 230

(2 Credit Hours of Ethics)

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Elevate your understanding of ethical tax practice with our insightful course, "Ethics Circular 230." Guided by CPA and tax attorney Roman Basi, this course offers an in-depth exploration of the pivotal elements of Circular 230, essential for every conscientious tax professional.

Deep Dive into Circular 230:

    • Get a comprehensive background review of Circular 230's critical sections, brought to life with brand-new case studies.
    • Uncover the intricacies of conflict of interest, ethical responsibilities, obligations, and penalties in tax practice.
    • Delve into the crucial topics of due diligence and competency, defining what these mean in the context of Circular 230.

Key Learning Objectives:

    • Thoroughly define Circular 230 and grasp its fundamental purpose in tax ethics.
    • Identify and internalize the ethical responsibilities that come with being a tax professional.
    • Navigate the conflict-of-interest rules under Circular 230, ensuring compliant and ethical practice.

This 2 Credit Hour Ethics course, complete with English and Spanish closed captioning, is a professional commitment to uphold the highest standards in tax compliance and ethics.