2021 Hot Topic Webinar Series

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The tax landscape is changing constantly and trying to keep up can make it seem like you don't have time to actually get work done. That's why we put together our Hot Topic Webinar Series.

  • 2-4 times a month we go live with top industry experts to give you the latest details on what's going on in the industry. 
  • Discover strategies and techniques in each session like how to help your clients effectively plan for retirement or what to do to get PPP forgiven... 
  • Find out how to grow your business with cutting edge business development strategies!
  • Get IRS Approved CE credits on most webinars that you attend...
  • Discover the most successful strategies that professionals in other parts of the country are using in their business...
  • Save up to $47 per webinar and still get best-in-class training that you and your clients deserve!
Includes year-round updates and will renew automatically unless canceled.
The membership will renew automatically unless canceled.