2021 A Client has not filed a Tax Return in Years and Comes to You, Now What?

(1 Credit Hour of Federal Tax Law)
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Approximately $39 billion of the tax gap is due to nonfilers—taxpayers who do not timely file a required tax return and timely pay the tax due for such delinquent returns. According to the IRS, although fewer in number, high-income nonfilers contribute to the majority of the nonfiler tax gap.

What should be the accountant’s approach to helping clients in a non-filed situation? Bob Brennan will address that question head-on during this informative one-hour webinar. You will learn what the IRS is doing to pursue nonfilers, as well as the impact of statutes of limitations. 

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify what the IRS is looking for in a nonfiler investigation
  • Identify the difference between a voluntary and a non-voluntary disclosure
  • Recognize which nonfilers are more prone to be criminally prosecuted

Speaker Bio:

Robert Brennan has been a Public Accountant in the State of Pennsylvania over 30 years and has testified in numerous Criminal Tax Cases both as an Expert Witness for and against the Government.

For the Past 30 years he has been assisting Criminal Defense Attorneys in their defense of clients charged with various tax crimes. Represented hundreds of clients before the IRS with Civil and Collection Issues and Qualified as an Expert Witness and worked with the Criminal Investigation of the IRS on Criminal Tax Cases.