Tax Day Fun Facts

Tax Day is here. We hope you have had the most successful tax season ever. 
We hope it was the smoothest and most efficient. 
That being said as you well know there isn't any such thing a Tax Day that didn't carry some level of stress and busyness so we thought you could use something lighthearted. 
Here are some IRS Fun Facts that you may or may not be aware of.

Tax Day Fun Facts: 

Why is the filing day deadline April 17th this year instead of the traditional April 15th deadline? 

The federal tax deadline can't fall on a weekend. Emancipation Day, which celebrates President Lincoln's signing of the Emancipation Act, is a holiday in Washington, D.C. Since it is celebrated on April 16, the holiday is pushing the tax deadline to Tuesday, April 17. 
What was the highest tax rate ever? 
During World War II, the highest tax bracket was taxed at 91 percent and the lowest tax bracket was 23 percent.

How long was the first tax form?

It was four pages long, including instructions. At the time, the average annual income was $800.

Who has the biggest income tax bill? 

ExxonMobil pays the highest, at about $30 billion a year in corporate income tax, followed by Chevron and Apple. 

It is no secret that people don't enjoy doing their taxes (which is why they come to you!)  

In a recent survey people responded to things they would rather do than work on their taxes - take a look: 

  • Jury Duty 51.6%
  • Miss a Connecting Flight - 26.9%
  • Talk to your kids about sex - 19.45%
  • Swim with sharks - 13.4%
  • Spend the night in jail - 11.58%
  • Drink expired milk - 10.2%
  • Break your arm - 5.18%

Congratulations on completing another tax season!